Law Enforcement – POST Team Building Facilitator

I am an experienced Team Building Facilitator.  I have provided Team Building Workshops for numerous Law Enforcement Agencies throughout California.

I provide an interactive three-phase process that includes:

  • Identification of Need: As a POST-certified presenter, I will survey your agency to develop preliminary information about the problem(s) and/or issue(s) to be addressed in the workshop and agree with your agency on how long the workshop will be (16 or 24 hours).
  • Workshop Session: Sixteen (16) to twenty-four (24) hours are set aside for group work at a location selected by your agency. During the workshop, an action plan is developed to solve identified problems, set goals or objectives, and/or team build. As the TBW Presenter, I will return the completed TBW Action Plan to POST.  I will also provide you with advice and guidance on Strategic Planning and organizational problem-solving.

  • Follow-up Evaluation: I will also contact your agency following the workshop to aid in the implementation of goals/objectives identified in the Action Plan.